Impact-Driven Conversations Spark Movements

Source —,_In_Koelen_Bloede_(In_Cold_Blood)_naar_het_boek_van_,_Bestanddeelnr_921-1637.jpg

Narrative journalism is a form of non-fiction that combines factual reporting with some of the narrative techniques and stylistic strategies traditionally associated with fiction and it is also called literary journalism. — Source —

“Of course, a properly done piece of narrative reporting requires imagination! — and a good deal of special technical equipment that is usually beyond the resources — and I don’t doubt the interests — of most fictional writers: an ability to transcribe verbatim long conversations, and to do so without taking notes or using tape-recordings. Also, it is necessary to have a 20/20 eye for visual detail — in this sense, it is quite true that one must be a “literary photographer,” though an exceedingly selective one. But, above all, the reporter must be able to empathize with personalities outside his usual imaginative range, mentalities unlike his own, kinds of people he would never have written about had he not been forced to by encountering them inside the journalistic situation. This last is what first attracted me to the notion of narrative reportage.”



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