Protecting the oceans — Impact-driven category spotlight — Dr. Sylvia Earle

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In recent years, human actions have had an unprecedented impact on the health of the ocean. A crisis is growing that threatens not only coastal communities that depend directly on living marine resources, but also all people everywhere. The Earth’s ocean is a unique feature in our solar system and is essential for maintaining life on this planet.

As never before, we are seeing the consequences of abuse in collapsing fish populations, biodiversity loss and physical and chemical changes that are leading to the decline of entire ecosystems. As never again, we have an opportunity now to respond to this crisis, learn from centuries of experience in resource management on land and move beyond localized and ad hoc initiatives — however good they may be — to coordinated global action.

Our collective challenge is nothing less than the creation of a framework and steps for a practical agenda of global action — including costs and impacts — to safeguard the ocean for generations to come. Source-

“Business as usual” is no longer acceptable, especially when the destructive nature of bottom trawling and the enormous collateral damage inflicted by trawling and other fishing techniques on non-targeted fish, marine mammals, birds, sea turtles and countless invertebrates are taken into account.



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